Why John?

I'm asking for your vote to be your voice...

I believe the residents of Plymouth deserve a voice that will advocate for their needs and understand the many unique issues facing America's Hometown.

After a decade of serving as a member of Plymouth's local government, I've listened closely to the residents, gained valuable experience dealing with a wide variety of issues, and developed a broad perspective of Plymouth's needs. We need someone intimately familiar with the town who can be effective starting on day one.

Job creation and economic development are vital to Plymouth's health and prosperity, and working to grow tourism, Plymouth's largest industry, is a key pathway to our success. Revitalizing our economy, boosting the tourism sector, and creating jobs is dependent on improving and making sound investments in infrastructure. This will allow for incremental growth of tax revenues, not only for Plymouth, but for all communities within the Commonwealth.

Working class families need a voice in Plymouth. As an employee of Kone Elevator and a member of IUEC Local 4 for 16 years, I can provide a strong working class perspective.

Other issues I hope to address are expediting the transfer of spent nuclear fuel to dry cask storage, and supporting the ongoing work of the Plymouth delegation to end the heroin epidemic plaguing our community. It is imperative that we address factors that negatively impact the health and safety of our residents.

As the largest town in the state, steeped in rich history and buoyed by many vital resources, it imperative that we send strong leadership to ensure that Plymouth's needs and goals can be met. I possess those leadership skills and I have what it takes to be your strong voice on Beacon Hill.

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Volunteer support is critical to John's success in winning this race and there are many ways you can help.

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Stand out for John Mahoney

Nov 04 2018 4-5:30pm


Gellars in Manomet -Plymouth, Mass
506 State Rd - Free Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Ice Cream for all in attendance.


108 Water St, Plymouth, MA Sat/Sun 10:00am


Please help us spread the word about our campaign to potential voters by canvassing neighborhoods and knocking on doors. We will hold these events every Saturday and Sunday until Election Day on November 6th.

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